What is SHAPED?


SHAPED is a Hatfield personal development programme that aims to help mature academic, personal and interpersonal skills so students ready for the world by the end of your degree. To this end, SHAPED organises a variety of talks, events, and workshops covering academic, student life, and employability.

This year there will be events such as alumni drop ins and Career Conversations Dinners where students get the chance to network with an array of successful Hatfield alumni. The SHAPED programme this year also includes events to improve academic abilities such as speed reading workshops and panels of students who achieved a 2.1 or 1st so students can gain insight on useful study techniques. SHAPED also holds drop-in sessions for student mentors to help their younger Hatfield cohorts in their degree. We aim to improve personal and interpersonal skills with events such as networking workshops, panels of student societies and volunteering opportunities, and blogs.

We are always looking to improve the programme, and have a lot of new things in progress for 2019/2020. So keep an eye out for more information on our facebook page @Hatfield SHAPED.