Quinn Higgins

programme coordinator

As Coordinator, Quinn is responsible for the general management of SHAPED. She acts as the liaison between SHAPED and the College, meeting regularly with the Senior Tutor, Anthony Bash, to ensure both sides are pulling their weight.

Message from Quinn:
Hello! I am a third year combined honours student in international relations and geography. As Coordinator this year, I am re-envisioning SHAPED’s role in College and hoping to expand our program to be less talk-based and more engaging. Besides SHAPED, I am also President of the Chocolate Society and play volleyball for the Durham team!

emily pic.jpg

Emily Chen

academic Representative

Emily’s role is focused around the Academic Progress element to SHAPED. Her responsibilities extend to organising talks (look forward to ‘How to achieve a 2:1/First’ in Michaelmas, and opportunities where you can contact students in older years if you have any course questions. If you have any ideas of methods to help you achieve your best, she looks forward to hearing them! 

lauren pic.jpg

Lauren Powdrell

Development Representative

As Development Rep, Lauren will organise events concerning personal development. Her aims are to let you in on the secrets that you learn in first year at the very beginning, allowing you to make the most of your first year and beyond!

Message from Joyce:
Hola! I’m Lauren, a second-year English Lit student! As Development Rep, I organise and oversee events related to personal development, such as volunteering panels or job opportunity talks. I’m also organising the Blast-Off talks in the first term to help you get involved with anything that you’re interested in. My role is focussed on extra-curricular activities - these are obviously super helpful for your future job applications  AND will help you enjoy college/uni life even more!   


Navya Lobo

Careers representative

SHAPED is committed to fine-tuning skills and attributes of all Hatfielders to enable them to showcase themselves as the attractive employees that they are. Whatever the weather a Hatfielder can be sure to have access to all the competencies that future employers and companies are looking for. Working alongside Minnie, Navya will work to ensure SHAPED becomes the bridge between your aspirations and the right vocation. The careers rep is in charge of organising employability talks and workshops, and understands that it is not necessarily the degree that lands you a job, but the skills. 

Message from Navya:
Hello! I am a second year BA Geography student. Growing up in London, I am no stranger to the diversity of the job market and emerging sectors. Ask any Human Geographer what they want to do  - and chances are they’re open to pretty much anything. My passion project for SHAPED is an initiative and set of workshops aimed at students totally lost and confused about future career projects: ‘Baffled?: Be Bold’. My vision for SHAPED is to have a larger online presence - specifically to point each Hatfielder to tools for personal growth particularly in areas of: productivity, LinkedIN and getting a head start. 

minnie pic.jpg

Minnie parker

Lions and Outreach representative

Lions and Outreach is a new role introduced to SHAPED this year to enhance employability in Hatfield by bringing in alumni and companies to engage with students, Alongside Navya, Minnie will be working to make sure Hatfielders make the most of our amazing alumni network. It's her job to make sure everyone in college is aware of how to achieve the best insight possible to their careers options. Its her job to help college members get the best alumni network insight possible.


patricia hu


As Chair, Patricia will be in charge of the governance an organisation of SHAPED to make the programme run smoothly and effectively.

Message from Patricia:
Hello! I am Patricia, SHAPED Chair for the 2019/20 academic year. I ensure that SHAPED’s internal tasks, events, and meetings are run smoothly and clearly. I also help ensure that SHAPED’s external events (with the wider college population) are run hassle- free. While being Chair is a largely administrative role, I also act as Treasurer, support the other exec members, and help enforce the SHAPED governance policies alongside the Coordinator. 

anne-marie pic.jpg

Anne-Marie gARRETT

communications officer

As Communications Officer, Anne-Marie Garrett will be in charge of managing SHAPED's presence on social media, including Instagram and Facebook, and will also be responsible for the promotion of SHAPED and our activities, so all Hatfield students have the chance to make the most of the SHAPED programme.