Looking for an internship, a job after graduation or just something to do? This pages lists opportunities that we've been contacted directly about, whether it's a chance to apply for an internship, an exhibition, a position at Hatfield, or other activities. If you know of anything you think could be advertised here, please email us at hatfield.shaped@durham.ac.uk



Post Offer Visit Day Rep

Post Offer Visit Day Rep Applications are open from today until Friday the 19th of January at Noon (lucky you).
Submit your funky 250 word manifestos to the chair pigeon hole and email, hatfield.jcrchair@durham.ac.uk.
If you have any questions feel free to ask me, or our new Senior POVD reps, Kelly-Ann and Alexandre!!
(If you've already applied there is no need to again, your original application will still be considered)