Attendance Cards

Loyal attender of SHAPED talks and events? In the past we have either used sign-up or feedback sheets to record people's attendance at our events for the Hatfield Award, but now we have new loyalty cards! At events you will receive a stamp on your card, as registration for attendance. 

What else can I get out of this program?
You will get an AMAZON GIFT CARD for attending FOUR SHAPED EVENTS (limited to only first 15 students). What more reason do you need to grab yourself a loyalty card?

Where can you get one?
You will be able to pick up your attendance card (with any stamps you've already earned) at our events - look out for them on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/hatfieldshaped/)

How else can you get stamps?
You will also receive two stamps if you a) help out with a SHAPED talk or b) write a SHAPED blog for us (email hatfield.shaped@durham.ac.uk to hear more about either of these two options).