Lions Weekends

This upcoming year we will be inviting Hatfield Alumni back to Hatfield to our Lions Weekend at the end of February, and we'll be looking for any former Hatfield students that are interested in coming back to Hatfield for a weekend, and share their advice with current students.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in taking part in, either get in touch with our Lions' and Careers' Reps, Dana and Juliette, at or email SHAPED Coordinator, Christina, at


Q & A Panels

Last year we had a Finance panel, where several members of the Hatfield Alumni talked about and answered questions from current students, on working in the world of finance. We had Alumni from a diverse range of subjects, not immediately linked with finance, such as History and Natural Sciences, and (as you can see on the picture) there were plenty of refreshments.

This year we will most likely be doing Q&A panels again, both about finance and other subjects/careers. So if you have an idea for a topic we could do a panel on, or if you are just interested in hearing more, please email us.

Networking events

Last year we had a networking buffet, where former and current Hatfield students could walk, talk, and eat. This was a very succesful event, and we will therefore be repeating it this year.

Furthermore, we will also be having a speed networking event (like speed dating, without the romance!), which promises to be a great way to meet and interact with students.




Last year we had plenty of Hatfield Alumni who were willing to share their experiences, advice and stories about how they got where they are today. So we'd love to hear from you if you at any point throughout the year want to put on a talk.