Lions Network

Available exclusively to Hatfielders, the Lions Network is a database of accomplished Hatfield alumni who are willing to help current students out. It can be accessed through the 'My College' section of DUO.

Lions have a great deal of advice to offer, which can really help you decide on the right career for you and the best way to pursue it. You are welcome to contact them yourselves throughout the year, though many will be returning to college for the Lions Weekends in October and February.

The Lions Weekend is a time when alumni come back and give talks on their industry and how to start out, presenting you with the ideal opportunity to get any burning questions answered. You will also be able to brush up on your networking skills at the end of the fortnight at the networking buffet.

You will hear about it a lot as it approaches, but for those who wish to note the dates, the Lions Weekends will take place 27-29th of October, and 23-25th of February.