2019/2020 SHAPED junior rep Applications

Applications for all positions are by submission of a manifesto (max. 250 words) to:


Deadline for all applications: 27th of October, 12pm (noon)

Be sure to include details of your any relevant experience, as well as detailing both your understanding of the SHAPED programme and why you want the role.

The SHAPED executive team is looking for junior reps who are interested in personal development and who are committed to expanding our program throughout college. They are creative, organized, and flexible.

SHAPED junior reps will assist a member of its executive team and help shape their program on a rotational basis (ie: one month with careers rep, another with development rep). This is a great opportunity to both be involved with, and have control over, what goes on in College life! 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions either about the role or the application process. Feel free to reach out to members of the executive team if you have questions about what they do and what a junior rep role entails. We hope to receive your application soon!