Hatfield Award Application 2019




Submit your Hatfield Award Application by first clicking the link below, and opening up the document with the application form.

Click here to download the application form

After you've filled out the application form, email hatfield.seniortutor@durham.ac.uk stating that you want to apply for the Hatfield Award: remember to attach the file with the application to the email!

Feel free to copy in hatfield.shaped@durham.ac.uk if you don't mind sharing your application with the SHAPED Coordinator, however this is a voluntary step. Email hatfield.shaped@durham.ac.uk at any time if you have any questions regarding the Hatfield Award or the application process.

You will at some point receive an email from Professor Anthony Bash regarding your outcome. If you have not heard back within two weeks, please email hatfield.shaped@durham.ac.uk