College Module

New for 2017, the College Module explored how and why we think the way we do at a university, and why it is important.

Led by various academics, this was an exciting scholarly series of 8 conversations for the intellectually curious entitled 'Owning the Future'.

The sessions from 2017 were as follows:

Evaluating Public Policy, with Professor Carole Torgerson on January 25th

Engineering, with Professor Charles Augarde on February 1st

Exploring Digital Society, with Dr Ladan Cockshut on February 8th

Fieldwork, with Professor Stuart Corbridge on February 15th

The Meaning of History, with Professor Jo Fox on February 22nd

Inconvenient evidence: monitoring long-term change in the global environment, with Professor Tim Burt on March 1st

Why Reading Matters, with Dr Eleanor Spencer-Regan on March 8th

Words, with Professor Anthony Bash on March 15th

For those working towards the Hatfield Award, attendance at 4 or more of these talks were counted as 2 components of the Award.