Life as a Law Student!

What is the best thing about your subject?

The intricacies and complexities of every case and every theory.

What is the worst thing about your subject?

Similarly, trying to understand the intricacies and complexities of every case and every theory.

How many contact hours do you get per week?

8 (it would be 6 but I take an elective language module).

How do people respond when you say you’re studying the subject?

Unsurprised - there are many lawyers at Hatfield!

Examples of modules you have studied?

The first-year modules are compulsory (Contract, Tort, Ind&State, UK Con, EU Con, ELLM). My second-year modules are family law, land law, criminal law, commercial law, trusts law, and Russian.

Do you know what career you’re aiming for and if so what do you want to do?

I want to be a commercial lawyer.

What do you do in your tutorials?

We mainly go through the pre-prepared questions and how we personally approached them.

If you weren’t studying this subject, what do you think you’d study instead?


What subject-related societies/events are there at Durham?


What is it like studying your subject in Durham?

It is well-structured (for the most part) and a very heavy workload.

An example of something especially interesting that you’ve learned?

Broadly speaking, if you die and want to set up a trust for someone to take care of your pet, whoever you put in charge of this trust only has to take care of the pet for 21 years.

Do you have the same or different lecturers each week?

Same lecturers every week for the most part.

Something you’d wished you’d have known about your subject before you arrived at Durham?

Law is a big mix of crazy theoretical concepts and crazy specified principles and rules. To whoever wants to study law: be prepared, truly.

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