Psychology: Studying at Durham

What is the best thing about your subject?

In my opinion, that a lot of it is directly relatable to everyday situations; how do we behave in groups? Who are we more likely to become friends with? How does our memory work? Knowing how we learn to remember things is pretty helpful when revising for exams...

What is the worst thing about your subject?

That everyone things I want to be a psychologist. I would be terrible at it! That, or the ‘can you read my mind’ thing, though I don’t get that as often.

How many contact hours do you get per week?

I think between 10-15? Depends on year/modules.

How do people respond when you say you’re studying the subject?

As mentioned earlier, people always love to ask me whether that means I’m going to be a psychologist.

Examples of modules you have studied?

‘Human Evolutionary Psychology’ and ‘Mind, Brain, and Consciousness’

Do you know what career you’re aiming for and if so what do you want to do?

I think I’d like to get a PhD and continue as a researcher in psychology.

What do you do in your tutorials?

Usually discuss a specific journal article about a psychological experiment, the methods, the findings, any limitations, etc.

If you weren’t studying this subject, what do you think you’d study instead?

Maybe History or Biology.

What subject-related societies/events are there at Durham?

There is a psychology society and a buisness psychology society.

What is it like studying your subject in Durham?

Great, as long as we don’t have an essay or report due next day.

An example of something especially interesting that you’ve learned?

The greatest predictor of who we become friendship is proximity, for example who we sit next to in our first lecture or whose room is next to ours.

Do you have the same or different lecturers each week?

Mostly the same.

Something you’d wished you’d have known about your subject before you arrived at Durham?

Can’t think of anything, sorry!

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