Another take: First Year Geography Student

Minnie gives us another account of Geography as a first-year. This is a good comparison to Navya’s experiences!

What is the best thing about your subject?

I’d say the best thing about my geography is that there’s a huge variety of different things you learn and it’s such a broad range.

What is the worst thing about your subject?

I’d say the worst thing is that there is a lot of reading.

How many contact hours do you get per week?

10 hours plus seminars.

How do people respond when you say you’re studying the subject?

People normally laugh because Geography has a bit of a reputation.

Examples of modules you have studied?

I’ve done modules like the financial crisis and nature.

Do you know what career you’re aiming for and if so what do you want to do?

I have no clue what I want to do yet.

What do you do in your tutorials/seminars?

We normally have to do some reading in advance and then we discuss it.

If you weren’t studying this subject, what do you think you’d study instead?

I would have done politics instead or maybe anthropology.

What subject-related societies/events are there at Durham?

The Geography Society is great and they do really amazing balls.

What is it like studying your subject in Durham?

I really like studying my subject because it has a nice balance of time.

An example of something especially interesting that you’ve learned?

I found the financial crisis really interesting cause it’s something I never thought I’d end up studying.

Do you have the same or different lecturers each week?

I have the same lecturer each week until we change topic.

Something you’d wished you’d have known about your subject before you arrived at Durham?

I wish I’d know that it would take a while to find your feet and I think it’s really important to realise that making friends is by far the most important part of first term.

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