Top Tips for Fresher's Week!


Fresher’s week is probably one of the scariest and most exciting weeks you’ll ever experience. Your friends at other universities may experience a fresher’s week of sleeping all day and partying all night. But not at Hatfield. Here we keep you busy all day. You earn your nights of partying with days filled with activities, socializing and fun.

If you are scared for freshers, you are not alone. I was dreading a non-stop week of new people and experiences. England was a whole new place for me, and I knew no one at Durham, let alone at Hatfield. Like all of us, you will be nervous the first time you just walk up to a new person and say “Hello”. But trust me the nerves ease as you realize everyone else is just as nervous.

In my first week of university I met some of my best friends, as well as some people whose name I don’t remember anymore. You have a whole college of new people. By second term you’ll love some, and others you might just you might just see across the dining hall and smile.

I won’t bore you with my weird experiences of the week. From tales of private schools (a whole new concept to me) to nights I don’t fully remember, my fresher’s week pretty much had it all. However, before starting fresher’s, I would’ve wanted to know this:

1.     YES is your favorite answer for the week. Say yes to everything, no matter how much it scares you. It will be worth it!

2.     Spend as long as you can at mealtimes. It’s a great way to meet people and interact with people from other accommodation blocks.

3.     Keep the gap year/ home stories to a minimum. University is a fresh start for everyone.

4.     You will be exhausted. We all were. Don’t worry about being sleepy. Just power through and begin the best college tradition: the mid-afternoon nap.

5.     Leave your comfort zone. Sign up for at least one thing you never imagined you would. The best things happen outside your bubble.

6.     And finally: apply to be on SHAPED! We are the best!!!