Ideas for snacks!

By Anubhuti Jain

Fresher? Second year? Finalist? We've all faced food issues at some time, haven't we? Either in not feeling full with the three meals, or just simply being bored of college food and trying to avoid snacking...but ending up satiating the urge to snack by eating chocolates and crisps and milk-less cereal in the room... 

I’ve been through all of this and much more, at one point I just brought bun breads and stuffed antipasti into it, and that used to be my snack. 

So, in my 1st term-full of experiments with snacking, I’m writing this article to give you guys some creative, easy, and healthy ideas for room snacks- many of which you might have figured out on your own... if not, never fear, I’m here. (At least, till the end of this article :P). 

Food is the fuel that runs our bodies and brains and we need to put in extra efforts to feed it properly with all the nutrients it requires. especially if you are a vegetarian (like me) or even a vegan. 

Olive oil and honey and salt are the staples you should have in stock- as you can put it on almost any snack for flavour. 

I also recommend having a selected stock of flavoured green/herbal tea. Dry fruits are amazing for the cold weather. Or if you fancy cooking, why not pasta or some vegetable crisps- will share some of my favourite recipes at the end. You can even get a vegetable steamer- eating boiled vegetables is very fulfilling. Couscous with chopped vegetables (please don’t use spoilt ingredients).  

Also, have a ‘long-term category’ stock of- milk, cereals, oats; some ready-to-cook meals like packet rice or curry for emergency situations when you’ve missed a meal. (Or deliveroo)!

Have some chocolate for emotionally difficult situations...

Though I would personally recommend food that is fresh. 

College food can be made more interesting- Try to find the right: healthy plus tasty combos for meals. (Which you probably would have figured out by now- like mixing fruits with porridge and cereals for breakfast; or having lots of boiled veggies, and soup for dinner) and always take a fruit and yogurt if you like them. 

You can mix different dry fruits and banana with your yogurt- it tastes delicious and is very healthy too.  

Try to get hold of gram and mung seeds and sprout them in your room! (That’s what I do) Wash the seeds and soak them in a container with just enough water so the seeds are submerged completely. Leave it for 2-3 days and it will sprout. Then you can boil it in the microwave (for a minute) or in a pan and add some spices- salt, pepper etc. To make it even more fulfilling, add chopped vegetables- carrots/zucchini etc. and oil or even honey, and sprinkle some oregano and thyme... and have it along with ginger tea-it is an amazing and fulfilling combo.

Or try making vegetable crisps- thinly slice up some fresh veggies (carrot/zucchini/beetroot/tomatoes etc.) and spread them out in a microwave-able container. Sprinkle some salt over the slices and microwave each side for 15-20 mins (alternatively, you could use a pan).. sprinkle some oregano and parsley over it. Have it just like that or with bread 

I’d say spend some time (an hour or two) taking tours of Tesco, and M and S. I’d even suggest going to the big Tesco (40 min walk) because it is worth it! (you can find some interesting ingredients for cooking inspiration). 

Food tips to avoid getting sick:

·        Avoid eating cold foods right after having eaten hot foods. 

·        Avoid drinking water till 30-35 minutes after eating food as it kills the stomach’s digestive fire. 

·        Just avoid chilly water in general, because it takes extra energy for our bodies to bring it to room temperature. 

·        Avoid cold salads and yogurt and fruit in the evenings. 

·        Avoid dairy products if you’re suffering from cold. 

So, these are some of the options I thought to be quite feasible. Hope it helps!