Benefits of Aduiting (Extra Lectures)

By Zhen Wei Chew (Junior Rep)

Hey Hatfielders! (alliterations are suppose to make this more persuasive)

Get bored when all your friends have more contact hours than you? Trying to find a productive way to spend your spare time? Tired of learning only about the same subject? Wish you could enjoy learning without the pressures of assessments and essays? Fear not!!! I have your solution in this (admittedly too long) article!!!

Learn stuff outside your course
If you’re like me, and I admit I’m not like most people, it’s happened to you at least once. It happens to us all, as much as I love music or you love your own subject, a time when you realise that you’ll be reading the same subject for the next three years. It might be a boring lecture or essay looming over you that breaks the camel’s back. Going to an extra lecture or two, whether to take notes properly or just to listen and enjoy, can give you the break you need to go back to the ‘real thing’. Some might say it a good episode of ‘The Flash’ might do the same but there’s something to be said for distracting your mind by focusing it on something else rather than just not using it at all. 

Learn stuff you always wanted to know about (but never got around to)
I had always wanted to pick up a bit of philosophy on the side (whether it was to impress people or to actually think deeper, I don’t really know) but I never got around to it (demonstrated by my untouched copy of Plato’s Dialogues on my shelf) so the Philosophy lecture on Ethics and Values was my perfect opportunity to start and it was just as good as I imagined. Again I’m probably not like most people, but lectures gave me the opportunity to learn what had always fascinated me. So get out there and learn!

Learning without the pressure of exams/essays
I often find that, no matter how much I enjoy learning about the topics in music, it’s can be hard to enjoy an amazing lecture when you’re busy taking notes and thinking about that unfinished essay or that exam you have in a month. Trying to keep up with the information because you know you’ll need it later can be stressful and take the joy out of studying; so learning without pressure can be a refreshing change.

Bang for Your Buck
Going to extra lectures is also a great way to get the most out of your Durham fees. In a manner of speaking, it’s actually receiving free lessons from experts in their fields. So take the opportunity to make the most of your money and start attending!


  • Don’t overdo it! - remember your course takes priority! (don’t neglect your reading)
  • Ask if there are extra handouts - if not don’t take one!
  • Try a couple first - if you find one you enjoy attend all year
  • Search - Student Timetable Durham (all the module times are there)
  • Ask your friends what modules they recommend
  • Don’t disturb your friend if you attend a lecture with them! They still need the information for assessments, even if you don’t
  • Taking notes is a personally choice but I would recommend at least taking a couple of points to look up later if they interest you

So Enjoy Learning! :D