Why should we get involved in College life?

By Katherine He (Development Rep)

Getting involved in College life (well… as well as in University life) is essential. It will not only help you to acquire more transferrable skills but also help you to meet a variety of people. One thing we all learn here is that Durham is NOT about getting a degree, but rather getting involved in everything else. Not to be cheesy, but as a 3rd year Hatfielder, one of the reasons I will give to freshers is that you do not want leave Durham without doing anything.

Another obvious reason to answer that question will be that it will always look good to put it on your CV. To be frank, it doesn’t matter how many roles you took on throughout your time at Hatfield; the most important thing is the self-reflection and the skills you get from managing projects or event planning. That’s what the employers are looking for. They are looking for well-rounded individuals who can work with others, showing a sense of social responsibility and leadership. 

And there are many ways to get involved in the College! College is a great place for having everything all in one place and that’s the very heart in the so-called “Durham Experience”. In Hatfield, we have welfare cookies, smoothies, and ice cream during exam times… As I quote from our Coordinator Christina, “you paid a lot of money, so you might as well get something back: whether it is money to go traveling, skills from skills workshops or free cookies from welfare”. Hatfield is a very coherent community and you can easily take on many junior roles (for example, being a SHAPED Junior Rep!) to expand your experiences and knowledge on event planning or working with a team. Of course, it is good to get involved as early as you can; but it is NEVER TOO LATE!!! I joined Hatfield DUCK to be a Toastie Bar Representative in my 2nd year. During my final year, I became part of the SHAPED team. Moreover, you can apply to be on the Senior Exec team after your first year to contribute more to the club or societies. All the skills and friends you get from taking part in these societies and events will contribute to how much you have learned and developed. If you fail to obtain a role, do not give up as there will always be the right opportunity waiting for you. Be patient, proactive and persistent.