Durham University Careers Service

Durham University has an excellent Careers, Employability, and Enterprise Centre, with the aim of ensuring Durham graduates have the best opportunities in the job market. The centre supports all students, from first years trying to find internships, to graduates looking for further support from the university.

Research Your Career

Effective career research is a very important part of your career planning. It is necessary to help you realistically explore possible career pathways but also to think about what you need to do to reach your career goals. Career research will identify the potential barriers (e.g. qualifications, experience, skills, and qualities) that have to be negotiated as you pursue specific career goals. The earlier that you can identify your barriers to career progression the more prepared, and ultimately successful, you will be. For more information on how to research careers with the Careers Centre see here.


Employability Skills

Employability is an important concept to think about throughout your time at Durham. No matter what you want to do once you graduate, you will need to consider whether you have the skills, experience, and personal attributes that a future employer is looking for when hiring. Increasingly, employers are saying that a degree is not enough and that they are looking for students that can demonstrate a range of skills and show that they are 'work-ready'. At Durham, there are many ways to increase your employability. The best thing to start with is a Skills Audit to consider where you are now. For more information on how the Careers Centre can help with your employability skills see here.


Employers on Campus

Employers are always interested in Durham University students, for more information on how to make the most out of employer events and information on upcoming careers fairs see here.


Jobs & Work Experience

For more information on how the Career’s centre can help you perfect your applications and ensuring that you get the right jobs and work experience for you, see here.


The Information Room

The Information Room is the first place you will see when visiting the Careers Centre and it holds an array of useful resources to help with all aspects of your career planning.

One of their best resources is the friendly information team who are not only able to advise on and help you book appointments but are here to assist with your enquiries and point you in the direction of information that can help. They have range of take away literature, including leaflets about the services we offer plus the Durham Guide to Career Planning. The Information Room also stocks books that students may borrow using their campus card. We advise visiting the Information Room and/or speaking to a member of the information team before booking an appointment, as you may find the information provided gives more focus to your meeting with an adviser or may even fully answer your query without the need for an appointment. For further information of what students can find in the information room see here.


The Careers, Employability, and Enterprise Centre offer several types of appointments to students. For information on how to book an appointment see here.


Follow the links for more information about Career opportunities at Durham University or get in touch with the SHAPED Exec.

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