2018/2019 SHAPED Exec Applications

Applications for all positions are by submission of a manifesto (max. 250 words) to:


Deadline for all applications: 3rd of March, 12pm (noon)

Be sure to include details of your involvement in college life and any relevant experience, as well as detailing both your understanding of the SHAPED programme and why you want the role.

All positions will be a part of the SHAPED Senior Exec for 2018/2019, who will plan next year’s SHAPED activities. A place on the exec is a great opportunity to both be involved with, and have control over, what goes on in College life! 

Please note: it is not essential to have been a SHAPED Junior Rep to apply for a position! We welcome applications from all enthusiastic Hatfielders.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions either about the role or the application process. We hope to receive your application soon!

If you are interested in more than one role, please write an application for your first choice, and briefly mention on your manifesto what other (up to 3 in total) roles you would be interested in; this will not change your chance at getting your first choice, so we recommend doing this if you are interested in other roles.



A little about the role:

  • Overall responsibility for the SHAPED programme
  • Recruitment of both Senior and Junior SHAPED Reps
  • Management of a team of c. 10
  • Point of contact for the JCR, MCR, College, and University
  • Setting times and agendas for meetings
  • Liaising with reception to ensure rooms are booked
  • Regular update meetings with Senior Tutor, Anthony Bash
  • Budget management, including applying to the JCR for funding
  • Attending termly College Meetings to report on the programme's progress

The role of SHAPED Coordinator is a fantastic opportunity to develop a whole range of skills, and to contribute to the Hatfield experience. It allows you to take ownership of the programme and be a real driving force.

SHAPED has been going from strength to strength over the past few years, so we are looking for an extremely capable and determined individual, who is capable of ensuring the success continues.


Lions and Careers Rep

This role requires a huge amount of communication with a range of graduate employers and alumni. You will be arranging talks from big name graduate employers during Michaelmas Term, before taking responsibility for the Lions Weekend in Epiphany Term.

In arranging talks, you will be responsible for all the logistics. This includes finding a time that works for both the speaker and the college calendar, booking rooms, arranging any necessary refreshments, before ensuring things run smoothly on the day. You will also be responsible (together with junior reps) for creating facebook events for any alumni or career talks, making posters/banners for these events, and posting about them on various facebook groups.

The sort of person who would excel as Lions and Careers Rep is someone who has no reservations about reaching out to a huge number of people and really selling Hatfield to them. To get employers involved with the programme, it is essential that you can highlight why Hatfield students would make great employees. You will need to be proactive and organised, with a genuine interest in networking and an ability to hold a conversation with a speaker even if you are not interested in their career.


Development Rep

Organisation and great ideas are essential to this position. Your first responsibility will be for planning and executing the Blast Off series, as well as coming up with ideas for, and arranging talks, aimed at students’ personal development. As an example, this year we’ve had a talk on volunteering options for students; as the Development Rep it would be up to you to find new and exciting topics for talks and events.

You will also need to be passionate about involvement in both University and College, because you will be encouraging freshers to throw themselves into life at Hatfield. Furthermore, towards the end of the year, you will take control of the Hatfield Award, ensuring that it is well advertised and that plenty of students apply. You will also be responsible (together with junior reps) for creating facebook events for any development talks, making posters/banners for these events, and posting about them on various facebook groups.


Academic Rep

As the Academic Rep, you will be working with various academic departments, as well as the Academic Skills Department, to arrange talks to assist Hatfielders in their academics. This will range from sessions on basic study skills for freshers, to talks on structuring dissertations, as well as a selection of subject-specific events. You will also be responsible (together with junior reps) for creating facebook events for any academic talks, making posters/banners for these events, and posting about them on various facebook groups.

You will need to be comfortable liaising with various individuals, as well as having strong organisation skills. Furthermore, you will be responsible for selecting which academic talks SHAPED will put on throughout the year.


Communications Officer

The role of Communications Officer is in many ways similar to the previous role of Marketing Officer. You will be in charge of all of SHAPED’s social media; this includes our Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram. Furthermore, it will be your responsibility to remind our exec members to post about their events on facebook, and to remind them to create posters and banners for these events.

This role also includes being in charge of SHAPED’s website and all of our blog posts; it will be up to you to find writers for the blog posts, as well as constantly keeping the website up to date. It will also be your responsibility as Communications Officer to take minutes at meetings and ensure they are received by everyone; and that any action points on the agenda have been dealt with.



Deadline for all applications: 3rd of March, 12pm (noon)