Shaping the World, One Hatfielder at a Time



SHAPED is a personal development programme run by Hatfielders, for Hatfielders. The programme comprises various talks and events covering academic, student life, and employability. Students will also get the chance to network with an array of successful Hatfield alumni (Lions) who are always happy to help out current students!

Want to be a SHAPED Junior Rep?


SHAPED is looking for some Junior Reps for the upcoming year, and applications have opened. To read more about what the position is about, and what an application requires, click below.

How to become a Junior Rep



Lions' Weekends

This February we invited Hatfield Alumni back to Hatfield for Lion's Fortnight, an event organised by SHAPED where former Hatfield students come back to Hatfield to give talks, participate in dinners and buffets, and that way get to interact, talk with, and share advice with current students. This upcoming year we will have a Lions' Weekend at the end of February, where we once again are looking for Hatfield Alumni to come back to Hatfield.

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New 2017/2018 Hatfield student?

If you are a Fresher starting at Hatfield College this fall, SHAPED will not only have a lot of exciting events specifically aimed at Freshers, but also an exciting opportunity to be involved with the planning of SHAPED, as one of our Junior Representatives.

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