Shaping the World, One Hatfielder at a Time


Attendance Cards

Loyal attender of SHAPED talks and events? In the past we have either used sign-up or feedback sheets to record people's attendance at our events for the Hatfield Award, but now we have new attendance cards!


Lions' Weekends

This February we invited Hatfield Alumni back to Hatfield for Lion's Fortnight, an event organised by SHAPED where former Hatfield students come back to Hatfield to give talks and participate in dinners and buffets. As such they are able to interact and share advice with current students. This upcoming year we will again have a Lions' Weekend at the end of February, where we once again are looking for Hatfield Alumni to come back to Hatfield.

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Want to know more?

If you want to know more about SHAPED, the best place to start is to read our blog. Follow the link below to read blog entries from the SHAPED exec and companies that have previously visited Hatfield.

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